Parking Products - Wheel Stopper SB02

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Wheel Stopper is 2 meters long and 11-13 cm high. Yellow electrostatic furnace is painted with powder paint and yellow color is used to provide night vision. There are 3 holes in the flanges connected to the ground and a total of 6 10 x 120 mm Trifon screws and a 16 mm plastic dubel provide a very strong connection to the ground. The pipe diameter is 6 cm and its thickness is 2 mm. Flange thickness is 3mm.

A practical product that can be used in all open and closed car parks, store fronts, building entrances, also called wheelo stoppers,  Car Park Stoppers, etc. With its ideal height, we recommend the Pipe Type Car Stopper, which protects the underside and does not occupy much space with its aesthetic appearance.

These barriers, which are known as Car Park Termination Barrier, Car Park Termination, Tire Termination Barrier, and Car Park Pipe Barrier, are especially important for preventing unacceptable accidents occurring during parking near parking and pavement border stones.

Wheels Stopper also allow to benefit from the already limited parking and building front areas. Intermediate barriers eliminate random and irregular vehicle parking chaos.