Parking Products - Wheel Stopper 12233

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Car Stopper, Vehicle Stopper, wheel stopper, Parking Vehicle Stopper; It is a practical product that can be used in all open and closed car parks, store fronts and building entrances. Wheel Stopper (PPC). With its ideal height, we recommend wheel stopper, which protects the undercarriage and does not occupy much space with its aesthetic appearance.

PPC Car Parking Vehicle Stopper helps you to park without damaging your car thanks to its flexible material feature. It is recommended to install two units for each vehicle.

Mounting screws and dowels are shipped free of charge.

Wheel stopper 110 cm

Length 110 cm
Width: 15 cm
Height 10 cm
Weight: 4.25 kg
Material: PPC
With mounting materials.

Wheel Stopper Standard

DIN EN ISO: 9001: 2008