Delineator - Delineator 100cm - 12249

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Delineator 100 cm TPU

The use of flexible delinators, resistant to impacts, is resistant to natural weather conditions (-20  60) and the raw material by default. It does not damage vehicles and pedestrians.
It can be fixed to the ground, disassembled disassembled varieties are available on request.
Flexible delineators are routed with warning signs and warning flashers fitted with warning signs and warning flashers.

Delineator 100 cm Specifications

Size: Diameter 10 cm x Male 100 cm
Reflective: Micro Prismatic
Material: TPU
Color: Orange
Weight: 2.00kg
Feature: Unbreakable Flexible
Mounting Material
Ø 18 mm Special Dowel   Trifon Screw
3 Sets Will Be Sent As Free.

Delineators ;

On roads with heavy traffic,
At the crossroads and intersections,
Storage area,
Strip separation,
For the purpose of road splitting,
It is used for warnings of vehicle drivers in order to in shopping centers and car parks.